Friday, August 28, 2009

Fallini paintings update week # 35

Work in progress.

Work in progress.

Work in progress.
I've been working several extra hours this week since I have two big art festivals coming up in October, the Red River Revel and Frisco Arts Festival.
These are the pictures of three works in progress and two completed pieces. Have a great weekend and please let me know if there are any questions. Thanks, Monica.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Seascape painting work in progress Cuchilla Alta Uruguay

This is the progress of an oil painting I started this past week. Based on one of the photos of Cuchilla Alta (Uruguay). This painting will go to the "Seascapes 2009 project" series and it is the first on a medium size canvas (22" x 22"); there are already some others belonging to this series but on smaller size canvas.
After applying the underpainting I worked on the sky and then the water. Next I will work on the surf and a little more on the water.
Thank you and see you soon!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Monica Fallini poppies paintings - Aug. 10th-15th, 2009

Acrylics on heavy-weight canvas, stretched and ready to hang. 24" x 36". I hope you enjoy them and have a great weekend!
Click here for purchase information


Acrylic and oil on canvas with poppies! Palette knife.Click here for purchase information


In this piece, I created a sculpted design on the primed canvas first and thenafter it was completly dried I applied several layers of acrylic paints. Afterthat, the red poppies were painted. I applied a gloss varnish for protection,sealing and glossy finish.Click here for purchase information


This was a commissioned piece, created similar to a piece I painted in 2006. Oil, thick palette knife strokes, 22" x 22" Original.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Paintings of red poppies on yellow background.

I define my style as Modern Art, abstract expressionism. Many of the pieces are painted with palette knife and thick oil paint knife or brush strokes, impasto. Many are "alla prima", meaning that once the colors are applied there are no further modification or corrections.
I sell only original paintings and drawings. Every piece is unique, there is only one original in the whole world. Hand painted on hand stretched canvas on han made and assembled, wooden stretchers bars or prepared masonite board.
I hope you enjoy these two oil paintings!. Thanks, Monica.

Welcome to "Paintings by Monica Fallini"

I have been working on the "Daily paintings blog" for a year and a half and on the "Figurative art blog" for half a year now. This past week I decided that my regular size paintings deserve a space where I can show the progress of my work on a weekly basis and share the process of research and other stories behind the completed paintings.
A link will follow every image and by following it you will be able to learn more about each piece and purchase information.
I hope the visitors enjoy this blog and please submit your comments or questions! Thank you for your support of original art in general and my art in particular. Monica.
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