Friday, September 11, 2009

Monica Fallini Paintings week # 37 update

A path with heart.
In different stages over this past six years I felt compelled to paint a path, a road. Sometimes I painted a path in the woods, other times it was a city street between buildings.
Paths are very symbolic, I think that every time I draw a path it has to do with something going on inside and I try to express something important to the viewer. I am not sure what it is, but for years I've been trying to follow paths with heart.
I think one of the keys of happiness is to devote a lot of time in one's life to follow a path with heart. The path can be cooking, painting, playing music, singing, cleaning, building, answering phones calls, helping others, helping animals, teaching, raising kids, repairing things, etc, etc, etc, as long as the person performing the action (karma in Sanskrit) finds the "heart" in that activity, finding his/her purpose (dharma) and the purpose of the activity itself one becomes one with the path and this leads to wholeness (plenitud) and contentment.

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