Friday, August 6, 2010

Daisies Floral Paintings - Week 32

I completed two more painting of Daisies this week. A pattern of texture was built on the canvas using different media, I really enjoy taking the time to work on this structures, then acrylic paint was applied in several layers, after that I worked on the flowers. I'm painting the Daisies from my memory, trying to bring a mental image of these beautiful flowers and then transfer that image onto the canvas.
I used tools as palette knives and brushes.
Although these paintings are the fruit of a detailed study, the other ingredient that make them so attractive is a lot of passion while working on them.
Let me share with you one of the comments I received lately from the Director of the Arts District, Winnsboro, Texas:
"...I love your new painting, "Daisies on a Windy Day". It is lyrical & "loose", conveying simple carefree joy. You have spread your wings even more!..."

Ms Sandy Page

I hope you enjoy them!
Have a great weekend!

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