Monday, November 15, 2010

Abstract painting modern art Monica Fallini - Week # 46

Hello everyone!
I would like to share some comments I've received lately from collectors.
If you want to leave comments about my work please follow the link:

Thank you!

Hi Monica, ....your beautiful painting has arrived and looks lovely. It will suit my surgery room very well.
Take care, best wishes,
S.M. - United Kingdom
You have such wonderful wife L., who was an antique dealer in Vienna and Richmond, VA, for many years, past away...That said, I want to complete my home with beautiful art, so that my 2 teenage daughters will share in her beauty and appreciation of fine things...Sincerest appreciation for contributing to this goal!
J.B. - Virginia

...It arrived today. I picked it up and opened it up and it is gorgeous. So very pleased. Love the colors and everything about it.
Thank you so much. Just the best painting, love it, quick and easy delivery...
Again what a wonderful painting.
J.B. - Australia


Dear Monica,
How are you, received your both precious emails and thanks to you to remember me and spare some time for me which is very imperative near to me and I am also feeling so proud ness that I am talking to a world greatest artist, I cannot express this feelings through in my words. Monica I had seen your work through your latest website which you had sent to me Monica how I can explain you your every picture is taking one to two hours to feel its soul, understand his language, to observe the colors which you used in your paintings and one most important thing is what is the impression is reflecting for the art lovers Monica I must say your work is your work no match is here in this world. Once again thank you very much to spare some valuable time to read my mail, and take care of your self, family and friends, waiting for your prompt response.
With regards,

A.A.K. - Pakistan

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  1. I actually love Abstract Painting expressionism, too, and that is definitely NOT easy, not something that’s readily accessible.


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