Friday, December 3, 2010

Poppies art, abstraction, self portrait Monica Fallini - Week 49

Today I'm posting 2 poppies' paintings along with an abstract piece and a work in progress of my first self-portrait.

I consider the self-portrait as a point of inflection in my career as an artist for 2 reasons:
1- The first time I have the intention of doing a study of myself.
2- It is not the style I've been using to do other portraits of other people.

This is a totally new aproach, I would say more oriented to abstract expressionism.
It is a work in progress but I'm willing to sell it at any point of the process if the right buyer comes.
Have a great weekend.
As always thank you for your support.

© Copyright 2010 by Monica Fallini. All Rights reserved.

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