Saturday, August 13, 2011

Wild flowers and seascapes abstract paintings - week 32

Hello everyone!
1. I completed several pieces these past days. In the first one I built texture on the canvas, then I applied several layers of acrylic paint and after dried completely I applied more layers of oil paint this time. The theme is a landscape abstraction with wild yellow flowers.
3. & 4. I also finished two pieces that go to the series "Under the sea", one of them with rocks, the other with paint flowing all along the canvas resembling water.
2. Another abstraction, reflects my state of emotions during June-July with my life filled with surprises and a dose of uncertainty. The legend written in ink in Spanish translates: "indelible like the wind..." " living the uncertainty in the "here and now" "...
In this one I used acrylics, Prismacolor colored pencils and Indian ink.

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