Friday, June 1, 2012

Poppies paintings, Gilda, music & inspiration - week 22


Hi everybody!
These two pieces were painted as a humble tribute to Argentinian singer "Gilda" that is not with us anymore physically.

Her music and soft, sweet voice brought joy to many people, sometimes only by listening to her songs one starts to move and dance.
She touched the hearts of many and people even built a sanctuary where they go to pray and many feel of Gilda as an angel, answers to their prayers.
I was inspired by her music while I painted these two pieces.
They are called "Poppies for Gilda" and "Flowers for an angel".

Then, using the same technique, thick impasto and palette knives, I painted "2 Poppies", this piece has a gloden background finish.

Finally, another "golden" piece, using the same technique, with almost "transparent" flowers.  The title is "Paper Poppies on gold".

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