Sunday, January 27, 2013

Contemporary modern textured art by Monica Fallini - January 2013

This is a landscape of a Poppies’ field in Tuscany, Italy.  The name of the painting is “Tuscan Poppies”; with the Poppies up front one can observe the cypress trees and house on the distance.
The technique I used is thick impasto, it was painted entirely with palette knife and high quality oil paint on primed canvas.  Please, click on the image on the website, to see it oversized to appreciate the thick texture on it.  I am working on some more similar pieces, so visit the website for updates.
This piece is sold.  Contact the artist to commission a similar one or order a print.


This is the 3rd. painting based on the cotton fields landscape of Louisiana.  The previous 2 are sold, one is in Japan, the other in Shreveport, LA.
This piece is of larger dimensions than the previous ones.
Louisiana has beautiful natural scenes and I am working on several more cotton fields projects, keep visiting the blog for updates!


This is an acrylic painting, thick texture, painted with the knife too.
I added pearl pigments to the background, this is truly a beautiful painting!


Another acrylic on canvas.  I used the same technique as the previous piece.  Thick texture and a semi-gloss final touch.  Great painting! 

Please let me know if you would like to add to your collection any of these pieces and follow the links to my website! 
NOTE: now you can get a print of these originals signed by the artist in 2 different sizes at a very affordable price, just follow the link below each painting in the website.

As always thank you for your support.

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