Tuesday, December 6, 2011

White and Red Poppies vibrant colors - Week 49

This week I’m posting 4 new paintings.
In the two first I painted white poppies, I really like the color layering in the 1st one, a smooth blend of Naples yellow over a blend of Hues of brown & hues of red. Very delicate colors & add to this a very interesting texture! This is acrylic.
The 2nd white Poppies, is an oil painting with bright background colors. This time the flowers are moving in the wind.

Then come a series of 2 paintings with red poppies. The one with blue background has a great 3D effect if you gaze long enough, the poppies come forward and they are like floating in the air. This is acrylic with a gloss finish.
Then one more piece to add to the “red Poppies Nostalgia” series, bright red, textured Poppies on a “marble” like background appearance. Painted with palette knife and oil paint. Beautiful color and vibrant texture!
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