Monday, January 30, 2012

Poppies art contemporary modern painting - Week # 4

Hi everybody!

This new year is running fast! Already the last days of January!

Today I am updating the blog with 4 new paintings. This time I worked on three acrylic paintings with Poppies, on one of them I created a very interesting texture on the canvas, then applied several layers of paint, starting with the darker hues. After the background was ready, I painted the red Poppies. Then, 2 layers of varnish on top for protection and gentle gloss finish.

Then the piece with yellow Poppies was created in a similar way, although the design of the background texture is completely different.

The third one has no texture on the background and it is a metallic red color and white Poppies.

The forth one is a commissioned piece based on a painted I did in 2007 called “Lime-lemon”. The colors used are green, yellow, white and yellowish-green. This one is an oil painting.
NOTE: now you can get a print of these originals signed by the artist in 2 different sizes at a very affordable price, just follow the link below each painting in the website.

As always thank you for your support.

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